Welcome to LeanLaw Accounting Pros (LAPs)

For QuickBooks, Law Firm, and LeanLaw Accounting Professionals

About LeanLaw Accounting Pros

We bring together accounting professionals who service law firms to identify and execute the most effective ways to find clients and build relationships that allow us to become trusted advisors, and ensure we're growing a consistently profitable business, so that we can each deliver the most value to our clients, work with people that bring us energy and joy, and allow us to grow our businesses on our own terms.

Why You Should Join Us

What you will do differently in your life that you can’t do today by being part of this group?

  • Have only the clients that bring me joy

  • Earn money according to the value I provide

  • Have community that I can turn to to answer questions about my business

  • Make new friends who understand my business

  • Create IRL friendships (Let's go to QuickBooks Connect!)

  • Understand better business practices that directly affect how I work with law clients

  • More in control of my career

  • When a new challenge arises, I know where to turn

A Big Thanks

Thank you for giving this group a spin. It's a marathon, not a sprint. We will build our own success with the help and camaraderie from this group. This is a safe space where you come for support, solutions and celebration.